SPEED Ferret Applications

Its variety and range of applications make SPEED Ferret more than just a find and replace utility. Here are some of the potential uses for SPEED Ferret that will make your work easier:

Project Familiarization

Where-used listings can help you familiarize yourself with an inherited project. By searching for a specific term or object name, you can determine where and how the term or object is used throughout the application. For programmers taking over complex or poorly structured applications, this function can speed start-up time, reduce frustration, and gain customer confidence.

Impact Analysis

How often are you able to systematically evaluate the ramifications of proposed changes will have on your application? Frequently? Sometimes? Never? All too often, this activity is neglected due to the tedious work it requires. Unfortunately, without performing this task, you open yourself and your customers up to risk. What if a global change compromises the functionality of your application? Will backtracking cause you to miss deadlines and exceed budgets? Are your time estimates for clients accurate and realistic?

SPEED Ferret makes the task of impact analysis easier. By viewing all occurrences of a text string simultaneously, you can determine the effect proposed changes will have on your project. What is the magnitude and complexity of the proposed changes? How much time should I allot? What should the client be charged? These questions are answered more easily when you use SPEED Ferret.

Terminology Changes

Need to clean up some ambiguous terminology in an existing application? Are you unhappy with the original naming convention? No problem, SPEED Ferret works with you to shape up, shore-up and modernize outdated terminology. Now you can stop agonizing over naming conventions. With SPEED Ferret, changes of heart don’t imply hours of work….. Quick and frequent terminology changes are easy.

Client Customization

What one client calls a Packing List may be called a Bill of Lading by another client. Using SPEED Ferret, you can easily accommodate industry-specific lingo for your clients. Time, tedium, and overlooked occurrences are saved when you deliver a completely updated application to your client in record time.

Object Renaming

Thinking of renaming an object but frightened of the consequences? No need to worry. SPEED Ferret allows you to confidently locate all occurrences of an object’s name in forms, modules,….everywhere! The result? Fewer fears of broken functionality….less time hunting for references…. More flexibility in choosing logical, consistent naming conventions…. SPEED Ferret makes it possible.

Risk-Free Object Deletions

Ready to delete an object that you think isn’t used in your application? Better double-check! Simply type in the name of the object and SPEED Ferret will quickly locate every reference to that name contained within the project. If other objects depend upon the one you’re about to delete, you’ll see them in the search results, and you’ll avoid making a costly mistake.

Annual Date Changes

SPEED Ferret can help you to locate and re-format constant date values embedded in your application’s design. So, you can easily change '12/12/97' to '12/12/1997' or even 'Friday December 12, 1997.' SPEED Ferret is so smart, it can determine the day of the week for replacement values!

Property Slices

Suppose you need to make sure all of your label captions are consistently worded across all of your forms? Instead of paging through property sheets, searching for occurrences (and missing some), causing yourself eye strain, mental fatigue, and frustration…. You can use SPEED Ferret to view all label captions at one time across a collection of objects. And this ability is extensible to any property that interests you. By viewing the values in this format, you’re able to spot inconsistencies in your project merely through a quick visual inspection.

Cross-Reference Lists

Using a Property Slice based on a linkage property (like DatabaseName or DataField), you can produce an object cross-reference list. This ability is useful tool for understanding relationships among objects, and can also help when someone in another department renames a file that is referenced throughout your project. Using SPEED Ferret, you’re able to quickly locate and update all references.