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About the Company...

Originating from a programmer’s need, Tracker, a documentation tool for Access 1.0, was first introduced by Black Moshannon Systems (BMS) in February, 1994. The following summer, BMS narrowed its focus to Find and Replace Utilities and introduced SPEED Ferret for Access 2.0. Within 6 months of the launch, BMS sales increased by 263%. Adding international distributors, resellers, and aggressive advertising to their marketing mix, BMS continued to experience tremendous sales growth. Access 95 and 97 versions of the software were introduced in Feb ‘96 and Mar ‘97, respectively. Market acceptance of BMS products was overwhelming, with gleaming reviews in SmartAccess (Aug ‘96) and Access/Office/VB Advisor (Aug ‘97) as well as an Editor’s Choice Award in 1996 from Access Visual Basic Advisor Magazine and a favorable mention in PC Magazine (July 1996).

The company’s focus is on providing the best, most flexible find and replace utilities for the latest programming technologies.

About the Community...

Black Moshannon Systems is located in central Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes west of State College, the home of Penn State University.

The name Black Moshannon refers to a nearby mountain stream called Black Moshannon Creek. In the 1930's the Civilian Conservation Corps dammed the headwaters of this stream to form Black Moshannon Lake. The area surrounding the lake was then made into a park, and this was naturally called Black Moshannon State Park.

The park is a popular gathering place where local residents and visitors enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, and picnicking. Black Moshannon Lake, at an elevation of 1865 feet above sea level, is reputed to be the southernmost lake in the United States in which the Northern Pike makes its habitat.