SPEED Ferret 4.1 Download

Click here to download SPEED Ferret 4.1.475.  (11,654,553 bytes)

SPEED Ferret 4.1.475 was created on July 11, 2002. It is the very latest build of SPEED Ferret 4.1 containing all of the latest fixes and enhancements.

This file contains a single setup program which installs a full copy of SPEED Ferret. This file can be used in three ways:

  1. Demo Version
    If you are just evaluating SPEED Ferret, the software will run in demo mode. Demo mode works just like regular mode, except that half of the search results are obscured by asterisks and you are not permitted to save replacements.
  2. Full Retail Version
    If you purchase and enter a license key, the software will run in standard mode with no restrictions.
  3. Free Maintenance Update
    If you are already running a previous build of SPEED Ferret 4.1, this build serves as a free update. To determine which build you are currently using, start SPEED Ferret and go to Help>About SPEED Ferret.

Note: The software will run in demo mode until you enter a serial number and license key. SPEED Ferret 4.1 requires a serial number beginning with F41. If your serial number does not begin with F41 then you will need to purchase an upgrade in order to use SPEED Ferret 4.1.