Customer Feedback
Mark Broski, Ph.D
Systems Analyst
Milestone Group
March 2004
"I just can't help writing to you. SPEED Ferret just saved me a ton of time.

I had a stupid function scattered in 50 different places in an Access database with over 2300 lines of code. I wanted to get rid of it and replace it with something simpler and better.

Here I am, just a few days after buying your program, and I've fixed the d*** thing already.

I love this program!"

Mark Jacobs
PowerComp Corporation
December 2003
"I have been an Access developer since 1993. In my years I have used various Access add-ons and utilities. Nothing, in my opinion, comes close to the value and utility of the SPEED Ferret. It has saved me from spending countless hours trudging through code and objects.

It is a truly great product and I cannot say enough about its value to my business!"

Michael Belland
Senior Software Engineering Specialist
Northrop Grumman Information Technology
July 2002
"Great job, guys! (and gals!). I have used SPEED Ferret many times, and it has totally saved my life. I think it has paid for itself about 300 times over. We have constant database changes that we just couldn't do without the product. It is also great for bringing legacy databases and code up to standardized naming conventions.

They won't take my SPEED Ferret until they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!"

David Kroeker
Fleet Vehicles Agency
July 2002
"I'm quite impressed with SPEED Ferret 4.1, which I've been using for a couple of weeks now. It's fast, and the ability to search multiple sources is great!"

Adam Cogan
SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft MSDN Regional Director, Australia
May 2002
"SPEED Ferret from Moshannon received one of the best responses at my presentation at VS Live (the largest conference in the world for Microsoft developers). I showcased SPEED Ferret as one of my favourites in my session “Favourite 3rd Party Tools for SQL Server”. It was one of the few products to receive such excellent response from the audience, which signifies it is a truly valuable and unique product for Microsoft developers.

Thanks heaps for developing such an outstanding product."

Susan Mitchel
Marck & Associates, Inc.
March 2002
"SPEED Ferret is great! Last year it took me and a helper 2 days to update this database for the new year. With your help, I got it all done in less than an hour. And it worked fine when it was done, which is amazing."

Gordon R. Hubbell
November 2001
"This is really above and beyond what I would expect from any software company! I hope as SPEED Ferret grows, you would be able to retain this degree of service, oh and BTW, to me, even if you had to double the price, it is still worth every cent, and I would still buy it. When I'm looking at manually changing say, 45,000 labels, SPEED Ferret pays for 'himself' rather quickly. It is one of the most astounding tools I have seen, and with such service….impossible to beat."

Ellen Dana Nagler
Corporate Database Design
April 2001
"Thanks, folks. I got it the day it came out, and it's simply wonderful. Without it I felt as though I was breathing with only half a lung. The new version is superb. Congratulations!"

Bonnie Hambrick
Ohio National Financial Services
April 2001
"You definitely jazzed up the ferret! I love your software.

I just had to remap file paths for 68 people and more than 25 DataBases in a shared drive. Your little guy lived up to his name…big-time!

I love the option to include Query Fields and Linked Tables. Ah, the linked tables. Each DataBase had anywhere from 3 to 20 linked tables.

I had been putting off this chore for nearly two years because of the huge investment of time necessary to remap each item individually. I estimated it to be at least a 15 hour job. I was able to accomplish this whole project in less than three hours!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Paul Bryant
April 2000
"Just a quick note to let you know that your product is spot-on. I use the product in a fairly intensive Access97 / 2000 development environment, and have been thoroughly impressed by both its performance and usefulness. I use the product about 20 times per day when in core development, and it has saved many hours of time and effort."

Andy Cunningham
PPI Financial Group
Vancouver BC
April 2000
"Just a quick comment to say what a tremendous utility program this is. We support an enterprise level database system and this tool not only speeds up our maintenance changes but acts as a means of regression analysis by highlighting areas of the system that will be affected by potential changes. It thus facilitates more accurate estimation and analysis of proposed changes.

Thanks for an excellent product!"

Mick Bayer
January 2000
"After fixing some Y2K issues which cropped up on January 3, 2000 in an Access 97 database, users were getting numerous errors, completely different from the original Y2K bug. Apparently while fixing the Y2K problem I accidentally caused other problems. Using SPEED Ferret to find all the objects which utilized the fields which were causing the errors, I quickly found the queries I needed to repair. In 15 minutes the database was back on-line. It could have easily taken 4 to 8 hours if I had to do it manually.

I use SPEED Ferret often. It paid for itself a long time ago."

Drew McAuliffe
Lower Unit Consulting
November 1998
"I have to add my praise to everyone else's. Honest to God, the ability to replace table and field names in queries alone is invaluable. I often have to change a field name or a table name and without SPEED Ferret, it would be near impossible to track down all of the references that need changing.

It's great that it even checks in the SQL for row sources on combo boxes. What may be the best, though, is the way you can see the changes both before and after, and even edit the SQL of queries directly.

Thanks again for saving me time. Don't tell my clients!"

Murray Gray
Blueprint Technology
October 1998
"Wow. Just did my first search and replace with your SPEED Ferret. I knew that this thing was going to save me some time, but I had no idea HOW MUCH. In my first half hour I think I have paid for the product in time saved. Keep up the great work. I am in AWE."

Jim Bergen
Nelson & miller Associates
New York
September 1998
"I've had my copy of the Access 97 version for a couple of days, and I've renamed hundreds of fields and variables, for a total replacement of tens of thousands of instances, across all kinds of objects. I can't say it's saved me work, because I wouldn't even have attempted these changes without this great product. Thank you."

Frank Crombeen
Innovative Applications
April 1998
"…let me start out by saying that I was dreading the task of changing all of these table/field names in the application that has been assigned to me. As a programmer, I can't think of any worse task. I budgeted about 1.5 weeks to perform the changes, informing the client that it may take longer depending upon how things go. I did not tell them that I had purchased your tool and was preparing to try it out.

To make all of the actual changes in the application took less than one day. I then went through the application and found some things that had slipped through the cracks. That process took about 2 days. Most of the changes were done correctly. When I started looking through/recompiling the code I found other changes (i.e. help file references) that I hadn't even thought of. It was very easy to bring the tool up once again and continue to make changes. Some of my searches came up with 250+ matches. I couldn't imagine making those manually. I would either be insane by now or I would have quit.

You have a fantastic tool. I hope I NEVER have to use it again. But if I do, it's nice to know that I have such a great product to fall back on!

Scott F. Knaub
IS Manager
March 1998
"Thanks for a great product! I just did a big data conversion project and needed to rename hundreds of fields across multiple databases to match an existing database. SPEED Ferret helped me do a week's worth of work in two days!

Being a new user and under a BIG deadline I needed help getting started…and your tech support was magnificent!"

Sean Moran
February 1998
"This is the third time I have purchased a new release of SPEED Ferret, and it is worth every dime! This is the most useful development product I have ever owned."

Don Gentry
February 1998
"After spending no more than 10 minutes learning SPEED Ferret, I was able to convert a client's legacy database to MS Access with an entirely new naming convention. SPEED Ferret allowed quick revisions to the database saving many hours, if not days, and most importantly, did so with 100% accuracy!"

Sonia Hamilton
Sydney, Australia
December 1997
"SPEED Ferret is great! It's one tool I use everyday."

Thor Thorsson
Business Technology Group
October 1997
"SPEED Ferret is a high-quality product and your support is top-notch. I only wish there were more companies like yours in the software business."

David M. Williams
Enterprise Development Group, Inc.
May 1997
"Great product! Wish I knew about it sooner!"

David Schaefer
Sr. Project Manager
Plano, TX
May 1997
"You cannot spend money for a better product. This product is fantastic, and has saved me so much time over the past 6 months since I got my copy. Don't hesitate to get this. You won't be sorry."

Peter J. Sheridan Jr.
IS Manager
ANI Site Development
May 1997
"It works as I expected. I do a lot of changes to the database, as company needs change, and this program speeds up the process for me. Thanks."

Scott Bronder
Systems Engineer
April 1997
"Used the product today, and now I am wondering what to do because SPEED Ferret did a whole day's work for me!! Great Product."

Robert Perry
BP Dataworks
April 1997
"I like Ferret. Clients always want to change the name of something."

Tim Sinnott
Lake Oswego, OR
April 1997
"I tried your product today and am well pleased. Worked great!"

Robin Wolfson
DataStep Development
August 1996
"At DataStep Development, we use SPEED Ferret extensively in developing, modifying, and customizing database applications. As part of our business, we use a set of standard database structures that are modified for specific clients or jobs. In the process, we need to make extensive global changes to table names, field names, properties, and source code. We estimate that SPEED Ferret has reduced the time required for development and modification by hundreds of hours in the first half of this year alone.

With numerous simultaneous projects, ranging from medical research to tracking jobs for plumbers, managing changes to table names, field names, and property values can quickly become overwhelming. SPEED Ferret provides an invaluable tool for change management. One of its most important features is the fact that it displays the recommended change in context, so that we can review all changes before they are implemented. We have established a number of standard procedures for making changes with SPEED Ferret, including printing records of both the recommended changes and those that were actually implemented. The printed records are then added to the project binders. SPEED Ferret thus allows us to track changes throughout the life of a project, saving time and money.

SPEED Ferret is a great product that pays for itself many times over. We couldn't get along without it."

Ken Vogel
Seattle, WA
June 1996
"It works great and lives up to its advertised features. I am very impressed with the overall "user-friendliness", functionality and features of the manual, tutorial and program design. I think you have a great product which meets a real need for Access developers. I am especially impressed by the versatile search & replace features. The backup file and log printout are very helpful references in case a mistake is made. Thanks again for a great product. I am recommending it to developer colleagues as an essential part of their toolkits!"

Larry F.M. MacFadyen
Jennadon Engineering Corporation
January 1996
"I have used SPEED Ferret extensively in some of my applications, and it has worked flawlessly for me. I have several Access Tools that I have used in the past 2 years, and I can definitely say that SPEED Ferret is by far the most valuable for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking powerful Access tools."

Ahmed Muhsen
PsyGrafx Inc.
October 1995
"FANTASTIC! God-sent add-in! Please give a pat on the shoulder to all the team."

Michael Reilly
Vice President
Mount Vernon Data Systems, Inc.
August 1995
"This is a really useful utility."

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