Product Reviews
Danny J. Lesandrini
Smart Access
Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
April 2002
Reviewer's Corner: SPEED Ferret 4.0

"The core technology used is based on years of research and experience…"

"This is one tool that pays for itself…"

Craig Bobchin
Access/VB/SQL Advisor
Advisor Publications
September 2001
Change Made Easy

"SPEED Ferret 4.0 saves you time and energy, not to mention a lot of headaches."

Danny J. Lesandrini
August 2001
Product Review - SPEED Ferret 4.0

"The ability to work with multiple projects and the inclusion of VB and SQL Server is great. Also, saving object groups, search definitions and substitution lists makes using this tool truly convenient."

Inside Microsoft Access
The Cobb Group
October 1997
SPEED Ferret makes quick work of changing text strings

"SPEED Ferret is simple to use and saves you tons of time and frustration. We're glad we have it! We didn't find anything we didn't like."

Clyde M. Hauck II
Access/Office/VB Advisor
Advisor Publications
August 1997
One Tool for Many Tasks

"SPEED Ferret is a well thought out, well developed, and easy to use Add-in. It's a must have for your toolkit no matter what level of developer you are! The ease of use from the initial installation to finding and replacing objects makes it a joy to use! It's undoubtedly the best find and replace utility I have discovered to date, and well worth the price."

Paul Litwin
Smart Access
Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
August 1996
SPEED Ferret Propagates Name Changes With Ease

"Having used both versions of SPEED Ferret for over a year now, it’s hard to come up with anything bad to say about the product. It’s fast, friendly, flexible, and safe. I highly recommend SPEED Ferret and can’t imagine Access development without it."

Sal Ricciardi
PC Magazine
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
July 1996
Propagating Name Changes in Microsoft Access

"SPEED Ferret helps automate an otherwise tricky and tiresome process."