SPEED Ferret Overview


Tired of the hassles involved with sequential find and replace utilities?

Check out SPEED Ferret!

With SPEED Ferret, you can quickly search all properties of all objects for a text string, simultaneously view and print out all occurrences, make changes to selected occurrences, test the changes, and undo unwanted changes. The result?.... Shorter lead times for changes, increased client satisfaction, and decreased tedium for you.

Search Multiple Software Projects
Quickly and Completely

SPEED Ferret is a global find & replace utility that works with Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Visual Basic. With SPEED Ferret you can rapidly search all of the property values and all of the source code in all of your projects at one time. Find out where an object is used before modifying or deleting it. Rename an object while quickly updating all references to it.

Use Object Filters and Property Filters
to Precisely Target Your Searches

See all of your Caption properties in a single list. Sort the list by value to quickly spot inconsistencies. Edit your changes right in the list, and then save your changes in one batch. SPEED Ferret makes it easy!

Use One Tool For All Of Your Projects

SPEED Ferret searches all design properties and source code in:

  • Access 97 Databases
  • Access 2000 Databases and Projects
  • Access 2002 Databases and Projects
  • SQL Server 6.5 Databases
  • SQL Server 7 Databases
  • SQL Server 2000 Databases
  • Visual Basic 5 Projects
  • Visual Basic 6 Projects

Free Working Demo

Our customers keep telling us how much time they are saving with SPEED Ferret. But we know you'll want to see for yourself. So go ahead and download your copy of SPEED Ferret today. Take it for a spin and discover just how much time you can save.

Save yourself time, energy, and hassle

Renaming an object or modifying terminology in your application can affect the entire project and it’s functionality. Instead of remembering every occurrence of a name or searching for each occurrence yourself, use SPEED Ferret to automate the task for you. Forget spending hours of your time hunting for references…. In just a few minutes, you can view all occurrences and make any changes that you’d like.

Come in on time and under budget

What a concept! SPEED Ferret helps you to make projects profitable and timely by eliminating labor-intensive find and replace tasks. Whether you are determining where objects are used, renaming objects, or implementing global terminology changes… SPEED Ferret helps you to accomplish the task quickly and easily.

Delight your customers

SCENARIO 1:  Your customer wants to change the word 'client' to 'account.' Using SPEED Ferret, you quickly address this request-- impressing the client with your skill and timeliness, and guaranteeing yourself future business.

SCENARIO 2:  You’ve taken on an existing project that's about as well organized as a plate of spaghetti. SPEED Ferret allows you to quickly see how objects are related and plan changes to design a more effective and efficient application. Your client thinks you are irreplaceable!

Get the big picture

By displaying every occurrence of a text string in your project, SPEED Ferret helps you determine the effects proposed changes have throughout your entire project. You can decide whether you have specified the correct search criteria, made the necessary terminology changes, and located all of the appropriate occurrences. You get instantaneous (project) omniscience!

Safeguard your changes

SPEED Ferret is loaded with safeguards that allow you to check and double-check the changes you intend to make. For instance, a Preview Screen allows you to look at each and every occurrence in your project, decide whether you'd like to make a change to that occurrence, and implement the change. Once you make changes, you can easily test them, restore the previous SPEED Ferret session, and recover the original values of All or Selected changes. SPEED Ferret has built-in functionality that allows you to proceed more confidently!

Avoid embarrassment

With sequential find and replace methods, it’s easy lose track of the changes you have made --not to mention you never know when you have completely located all occurrences. These methods can result in broken functionality, outdated nomenclature, and frustrated clients. SPEED Ferret spares you this embarrassment with it’s one-of-a-kind 4 step process.

An easy, 4 step process

SPEED Ferret’s unique four step process lets you see the big picture and eliminates the "trapped on a treadmill" feeling you get with traditional, sequential methods. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Search SPEED Ferret finds all properties that match your criteria and displays them in a datasheet.
Step 2:  Review/Edit Now you can review the search results and select the occurrences that you wish to replace. You can directly edit the replacement values if desired.
Step 3:  Save Click the Save button, and SPEED Ferret will save all of your changes at one time.
Step 4:  Test/Undo Finally, you exit SPEED Ferret and test your changes. If you discover any changes that you wish to undo, you can restart SPEED Ferret and restore the previous session. After selecting specific replacements, you can click the Undo button to undo only those changes, leaving all other changes intact.